Food quality is more important than Retractable Banners promotion

Over emphasize on Retractable Banner promotion, without care on food quality development

Kingston Restaurant founder is He Chang, he was in Baidu, where, Google served as the brand and user experience management, after the creation of two digital marketing companies, has accumulated intensive online marketing experience.

July 2012, Kingston Restaurant began kaleidoscope general marketing techniques: aliens assembly, beauty boss, open the car to send pancakes, sometimes popular in the Internet. Selling fried fruit cake Kingston Restaurant into the public eye, it is considered a typical representative of China’s emerging Internet food. This together with the huge Retractable Banner promotional efforts, make a big marketing success. [Cheap $69 Retractable Banner wholesale | One Group]

He Chang through microblogging to launch activities, interactive, online fans, online stores under the consumer fans, the Internet is only marketing means, the middle part of the manual or by hand pie pancake production methods. The role of the Internet is diversion, Kingston Restaurant than traditional food business ideas, action, with clever, the achievements of the initial brand influence.

But do not know from which day, it is still seen through the people, the patrons after the taste, or choose to respect their own tongue, no longer be about the eye economy.
As the food industry, more Internet thinking, but also to return to the essence of the product: taste, price, location.
Not tasty, is the most impressed by the people of Kingston Restaurant. From the public comment on the user rating we can see. Kingston Restaurant branch most of the ratings are about 3 stars, and the same as the Internet thinking of the sea fishing pot are basically 5 stars.

He Chang asked, is it important?

Food is not necessarily important, but it is not important to eat. In terms of a restaurant, delicious is not just delicious evaluation of a restaurant standard, but the basic requirements. In addition to other services, interactive, discount promotions and so on.
Retractable Banners and online marketing is better than the taste, attracted away, the taste of the general, the price is not low, ride away, defeated and return, the user was hanging high taste, after eating the first feeling but not worth. To the Internet user experience to think about traditional food, pay attention to the network experience and not real food experience, it is difficult to convince the public.

Multi-brand operation, inadequate management

Pancakes fruit is more popular in the northern market, generally served as breakfast. Kingston Restaurant to extend the sales time to midnight, hoping to cultivate pancakes for lunch and dinner, obviously this type of consumer is not much, cannot be high frequency consumption, for the catering industry, this is the most deadly.
Seeing Kingston Restaurant and cannot open the situation, he thought of the multi-brand synergy, to Kingston Restaurant for the leadership, never dumplings Museum, rhubarb crazy hot pot, Mr. Niu Dun, called a duck, happy small vegetables and other brand collaboration, market.

Win the heart of the Che Chang will store addresses are selected in the CBD core office area, high cost has become a door of life. Plus the CBD can choose too many restaurants, multi-brand and scattered resources, people’s attention is difficult to get out of the pancake fruit awareness.
Multi-store multi-brand operation at the same time, coupled with the lack of mature management system team, Kingston Restaurant went to a dead end. The improvement of the food quality cannot catch up with initial marketing success of the Retractable Banner (cheap) : W23″ promotional campaigns.

Transition O2O take-off platform, failed again

The traditional mode of the road does not work, he thought of the conversion business model.

2015, He Chang announced that its take-away “central kitchen” International Trade CBD base on the 1st officially launched, Kingston Restaurant officially joined the online take-away competition. Revenue is similar to other take-away platform, to the cooperation brand to account for a certain percentage of the transaction costs of the platform and take-out logistics and distribution costs, in addition to the brand can take away the cost of take-away products. Kingston Restaurant’s target group from the end consumer into a third-party restaurant brand.

As early as Kingston Restaurant joined O2O take away this area before, this market has been the US group take-away, Baidu takeout and hungry what occupation. Want to seize the market, than the money, resources and talent, compared to these giants, Kingston Restaurant obviously do not have any advantage.

Cooperation costs are high, businesses have fled

April 19, 1916, Huang Jihuang, Aberdeen pot, a hemp a spicy, youth restaurant, Oriental dumplings king, bureau gas, long time ago, there are rice and other Chinese food category champion brand founder, settled in Kingston Restaurant take-off platform Kingston Restaurant founder He Chang held a signing ceremony.
At present, in the eight signed brands, the young restaurant, Oriental dumpling king, a long time ago, there are rice these four brands are no longer appear in the Kingston Restaurant take-off platform brand museum.

According to the business revealed that Kingston Restaurant asked the distribution team with Kingston Restaurant for distribution, and Kingston Restaurant for the business on behalf of the processing and distribution costs passed on to the business itself, the proportion of each single pumping up to 40% to 50%, and businesses also To the end of the consumer subsidies.

At present, the US group take-away, Baidu takeaway, hungry what three take-off platform for “big customers”, each single pumping ratio of about 15% to 30%, in addition to the joint business to the end of the consumer subsidies. In contrast, Kingston Restaurant take off the platform of low flow, high pumping, in the majority of cooperative business seems not worthwhile.

Logan Movie’s Retractable Banners marketing story

Kingston Restaurant on behalf of the processing plant costs are high, whether it is rent equipment or labor, are not a small overhead. If you want to expand, the demand for funds is great. But the current Kingston Restaurant flow is very low, third-party platform did not get any benefits, businesses have chosen to terminate the cooperation, will inevitably lead to Kingston Restaurant’s funding has become a big problem.

Itself does not have the experience of food and beverage management, take-off platform involves a lot of links, Kingston Restaurant simply can not cope with large-scale expansion of the business problems. Kingston Restaurant face a dilemma of embarrassment.

Many times the transformation of Kingston Restaurant and did not like He Chang expected as the smooth realization of 10 billion in revenue, take-off platform on the road is not yet open, Kingston Restaurant and want to make a fuss about food and beverages. We cannot predict the transformation of the Kingston Restaurant will be how. No matter what kind of business model, after all, food quality is more crucial than any kind of promotional campaign like Retractable Banners marketing.