Food quality is more important than Retractable Banners promotion

Over emphasize on Retractable Banner promotion, without care on food quality development

Kingston Restaurant founder is He Chang, he was in Baidu, where, Google served as the brand and user experience management, after the creation of two digital marketing companies, has accumulated intensive online marketing experience.

July 2012, Kingston Restaurant began kaleidoscope general marketing techniques: aliens assembly, beauty boss, open the car to send pancakes, sometimes popular in the Internet. Selling fried fruit cake Kingston Restaurant into the public eye, it is considered a typical representative of China’s emerging Internet food. This together with the huge Retractable Banner promotional efforts, make a big marketing success. [Cheap $69 Retractable Banner wholesale | One Group]

He Chang through microblogging to launch activities, interactive, online fans, online stores under the consumer fans, the Internet is only marketing means, the middle part of the manual or by hand pie pancake production methods. The role of the Internet is diversion, Kingston Restaurant than traditional food business ideas, action, with clever, the achievements of the initial brand influence.

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Auto direct sales more effective than Advertising Feather Flag

Analysis of Tesla Direct Sales

Tesla direct sales model of the main operating procedures: model to understand, intention to buy → store experience, booking test drive → official website booking, payment deposit → factory orders, custom production → payment of the end of the payment, vehicle delivery. Tesla direct sales model and the domestic automobile OEMs commonly used dealers 4S shop sales model is very different, we from the consumer, Tesla company and other dimensions for the Tesla direct sales model of the advantages and disadvantages of the analysis. This saved huge traditional marketing expenses, without even the need to setup Cheap Advertising Feather Flags at the POP.

For consumers, Tesla’s choice of direct sales model compared with the traditional 4S agent distribution model, because the abolition of the dealer, reducing the intermediate links, simplifying the purchase process, have the opportunity to reduce the user’s purchase costs. Self-operated offline experience shop can provide standardized, specialized and not for the purpose of direct transactions for the purpose of experience. Online purchase price tag, you can make consumers fair and transparent consumption. Because the vehicle uses customized production, to provide consumers with the choice of diversity, highlighting the differentiation of consumption.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages, Tesla’s direct sales model for consumers, there are many problems. Because of the use of self-line experience shop, from the store site, interior decoration, consumer experience design to the store staff recruitment training and other aspects of Tesla company solely responsible for the serious impact on the expansion of the store.

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